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Tailored Lens Gear VM


Lens gear designed specifically for each Voigtlander VM lens.

Available for the following lenses.









Each lens does not have the same outer diameter or focus ring position, and even when using general-purpose lens gear, the follow focus fixing position does not match, which is a problem unique to still lenses. When assembled in a series, this lens gear has the same gear outer diameter for each lens and the same distance from the lens mount to the gear, making it possible to handle follow focus in the same way as a cinema lens. .

The outer diameter of the gear is designed so that it does not become larger than the outer diameter of the lens, which is set to 77mm (filter thread diameter) by the step-up ring. This improves the storage capacity of the lens bag.


This gear has a structure that fits perfectly into the groove in the focus ring, so it takes some skill to install it. In addition, it is assumed that it will be used with it attached all the time, and it is not assumed that it will be attached and detached many times.

​This product is jointly developed with LimeTec.


​Installation method

step 1


​ Pass the gear from the back of the lens.

Step 3


Align one of the three grooves on the gear with the center of the groove on the lens focus ring.


Step 2


Pass it straight through to the focus ring.

Step 4


Just push it in. If it is hard, place the gear on a flat surface with the front lens facing down and push the gear in evenly from above.

important point

It is designed to have a very hard fit to prevent the gear from coming loose. If you don't push the gear evenly, it won't fit all the way.

​Also, the inner surface of the gear is inserted little by little, so scraps of the gear body may appear during installation. When installing, please attach the front and rear lens caps and remove any residue with a brush. Scraping itself is not a product defect. This fit ensures a secure fit between the lens and gear.

​ ← Gear residue remains on the lens (no problem with specifications)

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