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V-V weight is a weight that can be attached to a V mount. Batteries, which have become smaller and lighter in recent years, bring benefits to many users, but this is not necessarily a good thing for Steadicams, where balance within the system is important. This may seem surprising to the average photographer or camera operator, but Steadicam operators often add weights to balance their systems. Among them, the battery is also an element of weight balance. If only the battery were made lighter, this balance would be disrupted. V-V weights are designed for use in such applications.



・You can choose from 450g, 700g, 950g, and 1200g variations depending on the number of weight plates. (Weight is approx.)

・Like a normal male/female V plate, it passes the current of the attached battery.

- Equipped with two D-TAPs to supply power to accessories.

V-V Weight1

  • Approximately 450g

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