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A power cable that can extract 15V from a USB-C terminal that supports Power Delivery.  

A maximum of 5A of 15V can be output from an AC adapter or mobile battery that can output 15V from a USB-C PD. Whether 15V can be supplied depends on the output device, so please check the compatibility of your equipment. If it is not compatible, it cannot be used. It does not boost the voltage from 5V.


Voltage will not be output unless it is from a PD compatible device that can output 15V. If the compatible product does not output voltage, try switching the USB-C terminals. We do not guarantee any damage to equipment, accidents, or other damages beyond the cable price.


Released on November 16, 2022

PD Power cable P-TAP Female 15V

  • 5A

  • 1.5m

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