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​Body price: 1,980USD (excluding tax)
Connection cable 120USD (Each,
tax excluding)
​All prices  may change


Broadcast lens zoom/focus controller for Steadicam.

Conventional Steadicam or general-purpose zoom focus controllers have designs that make it difficult to grip the gimbal handle firmly when attached to the Steadicam handle due to the size of the housing.

​Grasshopper was designed as a controller that allows Steadicam operators easily can zoom and focus while holding the gimbal handle.

Functions :

zoom lever

focus knob

Return/VTR button (right/left-handed compatible)

Zoom direction switch

Focus direction switch

Return/VTR selector switch

Zoom speed adjustment knob

Handle diameter 24mm - 32mm compatible


For Fujinon

For Canon Digital

For Canon analog

​CG may differ in some designs from the product.

The photos are taken using a prototype, and some designs may differ from the product.

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